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Shana Tova and good (predictable) news

By | 28/09/2011

Hello Everybody, I would like to send you some good (predictable) news regarding the American housing market. The last report from CoreLogic shows a continued decline in the shadow home inventory (inventory held by banks mostly after foreclosures). As you know already, a recovery of the american economy and especially the labor market, is based largely… Read More »

Some pictures from Guanglan

By | 15/09/2011

14 km in a straight line from the city center, in Metro line 2 stop called Guanglan, there are some apartment houses and what looks like an abandoned part of the hightech park Zhangjiang, where I worked. I will present some pictures here that may help to prove my point about RE bubble, but this may… Read More »

Shanghai's Investments in Infrastructure development and Real-Estate

By | 13/09/2011

After over 3 weeks in Shanghai I feel ready to tell my uneducated, see for yourself, personal point of view. I read many articles about China's RE bubble. During the passing three weeks I've bumped into a (awfully) silent reminders of it, standing here and there, reminding me of its existence. I've included some pictures… Read More »