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Shanghai's Investments in Infrastructure development and Real-Estate

By | 13/09/2011

After over 3 weeks in Shanghai I feel ready to tell my uneducated, see for yourself, personal point of view. I read many articles about China's RE bubble. During the passing three weeks I've bumped into a (awfully) silent reminders of it, standing here and there, reminding me of its existence. I've included some pictures… Read More »

The Chinese Miracle

By | 31/05/2011

There are over 64 million empty apartments in China. There are numerous Ghost cities. 64 million apartments should populate 180 million people. If you take the current Chinese population of 1.3 billion people, this means that current vacant apartment accounts for 13% of the population. The current population growth in china is around 0.5% per annum, which… Read More »