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רמי לוי ושופרסל – התחרות תתעצם?

By | 16/10/2011

To my english readers – this post is about 2 israeli companies, Sufersal and Rami Levy, feel free to use google translator to translate. בטח כולכם שמעתם שנוחי מוכר את השליטה בשופרסל לברונפמנים. אני וחברי התחבטנו בשאלה האם זה טוב או רע לאחזקה שלנו – רמי לוי. רמי לוי היא האחזקה הגדולה ביותר בתיק שלי. שופרסל… Read More »

ETM in seeking alpha

By | 13/10/2011

Hello all and Hag Sameah!   I made a "few" improvements to my writeup about ETM and posted it (after some long delays) at seeking alpha. It turns out that S.A editorial team became MUCH more strict since I last wrote there and it took me a lot of work to get it published, almost… Read More »

98.5 K-FOX short analysis

By | 04/10/2011

I thought about ETM lately and one thing that disturbed me was the recent purchase amounting to 9 million dollars that occurred in the first quarter this year. Considering the "stellar" track record this company has in purchases and considering it had not purchased a single station for almost 3.5 years, I thought I should put… Read More »