And now… What a green day!

By | 09/08/2011

Stocks recovered much of their losses from yesterday.

It may sound a little funny to most readers but the truth is that I am a little disappointed that I did not manage to buy everything I wanted. I thought declines will last a little longer… 🙂

I actually got some cash that I wanted to use but the only thing I could buy today was GSL at 3$, in a very small amount (less than 1% of my PF).

Even ETM that I bought yesterday for 6.36$ went through the roof today and closed at 7.01$, a 10% rally in one day. Too bad it was only about 2% of my portfolio. I hope that I will get to add to it in the near future, because it is hard for me to add to it at 7$. It is cheap though.

Stocks are cheap, but psychologically it is difficult for me to buy after a 5% increase in the broad market.

Well, patience has always paid off. Recovery will probably be far from a straight line and I will get my chance in the future. For now I will just sit back and enjoy the show.

I want to recommend the readers a terrific article from the Wall-Street Journal, which in my opinion is one of the better financial newspapers. I hope you can read it, I don't know if it is possible to read it without a subscription.

3 thoughts on “And now… What a green day!

  1. Ronen Karasik

    Yesterday was a really peculiar day 🙂 I "sampled" the stock market (NASDAQ, i think) 3 times : at first it was up ~1%, then down almost 1%, and after the close when it spiked.

    Crazy days indeed. I managed to put more cash into my favorite stocks – but definitely had wished for some more room for action. Maybe we will get it in the weeks to come!

      1. Assaf Nathan Post author

        and we did.

        I bought ETM today for 0.8% of my portfolio at 5.60$ per share. Currently it takes 3% of my PF.


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